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Motorola, positive quarter

Motorola, positive quarter – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Motorola is expected to close the current fiscal quarter with financial performance equal to or better than expected. The news comes directly from the Schaumburg company on the initiative of his COO Edward Breen who spoke during a meeting with investors in New York.

Breen said the $ 6.4 billion turnover cap will be met and that the losses of only $ 4 cents per share are realistic and indeed the budget is likely to be even better.

To boost Motorola would be the increase in market share in the mobile phone sector at the expense of one of the main competitors, Nokia.

According to some observers, the semiconductor sector, which produces the G4 processors used by Macs, is also going better than expected.

Recall that precisely the semiconductor sector had been put under observation by Motorola for its continuous and progressive losses to the point of not excluding its sale in bulk. Despite the good news Motorola not only does not withdraw from its intention to cut staff, but announces new layoffs, the quantity of which will be specified at the end of the current month or in July. The goal is to drop below 100,000 employees. In August 2001, Motorola employees numbered 150,000.

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