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More realistic games thanks to Cg

More realistic games thanks to CG – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nvidia today announced the release of a new programming code that can significantly improve the graphic quality of the games, also speeding up their writing. The language, called "Cg", a distant relative of the "C" language, was developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

According to what is learned directly from Nvidia, the advantages proposed by Cg would be considerable. For example, it would become easy to write routines able to "call" special effects and particular textures from the graphic chip capable of reproducing animal fur or a turf in a realistic way. These effects until now had to be written in Assembly, through a long and tiring process.

The CG toolkit, which includes libraries and a compiler, available for download from the Nvidia website.

Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertaiment and LucasArts will be among the first game developers to take advantage of the new possibilities offered by the new language.

Note that, despite Microsoft's involvement in the CG project, the language will also be able to be applied to programs for other platforms other than Windows. Nvidia has told some Internet sites that it is working to ensure that the benefits of Cg are also usable by Mac OS X

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