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Microsoft joins the Open Mobile Alliance to conquer cell phones

Microsoft will also have some problems with justice (but the process is approaching a muted conclusion), it will also be put in difficulty in the server area by Linux, but conversely it seeks new ways with its TabletPC and attacks with strength in the handheld sector and tries to break through in what, in many ways, risks being the real "next big thing", the exchange of data via mobile phone.

The announcement of the Redmond company to participate in a new organization, the Open Mobile Alliance, which promotes a standard data exchange methodology for these devices, falls within this context.

The Open Mobile Alliance was created by the merger of two other groups promoting mobile communication standards, the Open Mobile Architecture Initiative, created last year by Nokia, and the WAP Forum, of which Microsoft was already a part.

200 companies are part of OMA, all with the aim of distributing data on cellular networks. The intention of Microsoft's entry is to vitalize the market by showing the continuity between the world of PCs and that of mobile devices. ; in Asia and Europe the amount of data exchanged with these devices is very high, but in America the development has not been what has been hoped for to date.

Currently the dominant technologies in the mobile sector are CDMA, which is owned by Qualcomm, and GSM, which is considered an open standard but which is not interoperable with CDMA. Non-interoperability causes the need for agreements between operators , the costs of which affect the users, which for this reason does not grow as much as desired.

(By Marco Centofanti)