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FlyFan: the Kensington USB fan

FlyFan: the Kensington USB fan – logomacitynet1200wide 1

After the folding bulbs, so "cool" that they can be used even when not needed, here is a witty gadget for the computer addict who already has everything or a gift out of the ordinary, also in consideration of the heat which is getting closer and closer.

"Of course" plug-and-play, the FlyFan does not have switches, just connect it to put it into operation and does not require separate batteries, taking power directly from the USB socket. The stem has an easily foldable core, to direct the air jet in the desired direction and the manufacturer declares that its use affects less than five minutes of charge for each hour of use of the batteries.

More information and a pdf brochure can be obtained on the web pages dedicated to it, on the company's website, all at the irresistible price of $ 24.99 (in promotion, for a first period at $ 20).

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