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Explorer, the Mac version towards release 6.0

For some time now, the most diverse rumors have been circulating regarding the browser topic on Mac. For example, we recently told you about the allegations about an alleged iBrowser and the possibility of abandoning the development of Internet Explorer.

Today is the turn of a "deep throat" that informs of the imminent release of the next version of Internet Explorer, which, unlike what it seemed, will not be numbered 5.5 but 6.

Apparently Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit is focusing all its efforts on completing this new release, which should be significantly faster in rendering pages and correcting many bugs and improving support for standards.

Recall that Microsoft is currently under pressure on the Mac front regarding browsers. In addition to Opera and iCab, OmniWeb is enjoying great interest in Mac OS X while Mozilla, the OpenSource implementation of Netscape's heir, also seems to have good growth and development prospects.

Also for this reason it seems that Microsoft is intent on speeding up the time to give an heir to the now rather dated IE 5.

[By Marco Centofanti]