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Enhanced Press, the new millennium visual publishing on iPhone and touch

Enhanced Press, literally "advanced printing". The name of the project with which Visual Creative Studio is working, already says a lot about the philosophy and aims it aims to: create a new generation publishing. The details of the initiative, announced today, come, however, from a press release from which we gather all the rest.

Born for "budding" from Visual Creative Studio, the Italian reality of which art director Alessandro Risuleo, known to the public for A Separate World, one of the first comics for iPhone and iPod touch, Enhanced Press has the aim of giving a change to the world of electronic publications, exploiting all the potential of Apple's pocket devices, starting from both unpublished and already existing contents and stories but revisited and modified with a series of technological additions, audio, video and interactivity elements. The plan, ambitious, is essentially to create a publishing house for electronic illustrated books and comics in particular, but in a multimedia key.

Our goal – explains Alessandro Risuleo himself to Macitynet – in effect to kick off a job that will lead us to create a new generation of digital volumes. Those who have seen A Separate World have already had a taste of what we are talking about, but Enhanced Press takes this concept to the next level by aiming both to "remaster" digitally existing stories, and to create new ones. In both cases, the distinctive elements will be interactivity and, depending on the type of projects, the abundance of images, sounds, and videos.

So will you take a step towards the playful world? I would say no, we want to keep away from the classic functions of the games. Our product will have the characteristics of a real editorial publication but technologically advanced. With this we do not even think of moving to the other front and making electronic books based on the text; our products will essentially be based on images. Comics will be our starting point; these works are certainly suitable to be transformed into an Enhanced Press product. The pure adaptation of any text to be read with a banal "reader" is not part of our plans, as it would be, in our opinion, how to continue producing silent and black and white films when progress makes spatial sounds possible with surround, 3D vision or refined shots with ultramodern cameras. Maybe something on the platform will change, especially after the release of the much-desired tablet, but for now our products are designed for the characteristics of the iPhone and for this reason that an excessive use of text in publications does not convince us

Enhanced Press will start with the re-edition of paper "stories". The next product after A Separate World will feature the Sturmtruppen, the ramshackle army, designed by one of the most creative pencils in Italy, Bonvi. The application that could not be called anything other than iSturm is already ready in three electronic volumes.

The debut of iFiction, a project carried out in agreement with the publishing house Lancio, the largest reality in the field of photo-novels in Italy, is also in the works and almost ready for launch. iFiction – reads on the Enhanced Press website – conceived as an adventure through photographic images, a means of communication with characteristics similar to those of other media, from which, however, it differs substantially because it interacts with multiple senses (touch, hearing and sight) despite the story being told in pictures ". The first collaboration work will be A Love Gift, distributed free of charge on the App Store. Subsequently new bets will arrive (one every 15 days) for a fee. From May 2010, then, the stories will be "native iPhone", that is no longer artistically transformed for the product, but already designed and produced by winking at the potential of Apple's pocket-sized touch cards.

Ambitious goals, significant partners and a complex plan. It really seems that Visual Creative Studio wants to materialize a small revolution in line with the vision of the entire iPhone system and open the App Store to new dimensions … We realize the thickness of the project – Alessandro Risuleo closes – but in our opinion it is worth trying. We are sure that iPhone and iPod touch are also in the pocket of many people who would like to use their device for something that stands out for quality and demonstrate themselves and to the people they care about that on the App Store there are not only applications for flatulence digitally, women in bikinis or gentlemen who accompany their digestion with an ad hoc soundtrack