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Chimera 0.3: how are the works going?

Chimera to version 0.3 and, since we gave it news one of the last times, in the meantime grown, adding those features that cannot be missing in a browser of our times. The bookmarks have finally become manageable, being able to edit and group them in subfolders, you can also import the previous ones (with some mess), from the preferences of the already existing browsers.The rendering of videos of texts and images, in the rendering of web pages, superb, taking advantage also of the recent changes brought by the 10.1.5 update, and the speed of the operation was improved by 30%. The super attentive will also have noticed that the size of the application has decreased, thanks to the adoption of a new compiler; it also involves a slight acceleration in the process of loading web pages.

In addition, the autocompletion function of the addresses had been added for a few weeks, recalling them from a history.

During tests carried out with some reference sites, Chimera is still weakened towards sophisticated HTML pages. Flash programming and pop-up windows put it in crisis by making it close unexpectedly, and in spite of what the author claims, overall, this release appears more prone to the crash than the previous 0.2.8.

Defects? Veniali, above all, for the missing options to which we have become accustomed, using other products, for some phantom commands, which are but do not work, plus a certain annoyance when you encounter sites that do not recognize the browser, forcing you to lose a whole series of advanced options and possibilities.To cite the most macroscopic example, the Apple iTools page, although correctly loaded with the HTTPS protocol, implemented already in the last version, does not continue further, shortly after logging in, not recognizing this particular type of browser.At this point, rumors about an alleged Apple iBrowser, based precisely on the work of Chimera, would lose credibility, but we leave Steve Jobs the last word.

The 6.5 MB that make up the software can be downloaded directly from this ftp site.