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Arlo Ultra, video surveillance is in 4K HDR

Arlo has just announced announcedArlo Ultra, a new system of high-end wireless security cameras. Featuring a new 4K image sensor equipped with an HDR image processor, Netgear Arlo Ultra capable of capturing and playing 4K videos immediately available to the user. A function that not only gives greater clarity and precision to videos, but that allows you to enlarge video clips to obtain essential information, such as plaques, worn clothing and other useful details that have occurred during potentially suspicious activities.

With a 180-degree diagonal field of view, it offers users greater flexibility in positioning their cameras inside properties, homes or workplaces: it includes an integrated lighthouse equipped with an LED light that allows you to distinguish colors in the night and that replaces the classic black and white night vision. Netgear Arlo Ultra is also equipped with two microphones, for bidirectional audio with advanced noise suppression which considerably minimizes background sounds and emphasizes the main ones, such as voices.

With a design designed to withstand bad weather, the cameras of this new series can be installed practically anywhere, both outside and inside. The new magnetic support allows you to comfortably mount the camera on ceilings, walls, gutters or place it on tables or any support surface.Arlo Ultra includes a new generation rechargeable battery, supplied with a weatherproof magnetic charging cable, for indoor and outdoor use and an integrated siren that can be activated automatically following a movement or audio detection, or manually and remotely via the 'App Arlo.

Netgear Arlo Ultra, 4K HDR video surveillance

Arlo SmartHub

In addition, this new system offers the new Arlo SmartHub, able to connect to the home router to provide an extended Wi-Fi service to Arlo cameras and to manage data traffic to and from the user's cloud account: also equipped with a dedicated, safer IOT network for devices connected to the same Arlo SmartHub.

Arlo Smart Premier service

To complete the offer, each Netgear Arlo Ultra system includes a one-year subscription to the Arlo Smart Premier service (worth ? 89), to offer greater peace of mind and comfort to Arlo Ultra owners. The service uses powerful AI systems and computer vision technology to offer personalized notifications regarding people, animals, vehicles and parcel delivery. Arlo Smart Premier also includes a 1080p or lower resolution video recording cloud system for up to 30 days. Premium video recording for cloud storage of 4K clips available as an additional subscription. Otherwise, users can save 4K clips locally at no additional cost, using the SmartHub's microSD card slot.

Availability and prices

The new Arlo system will be ready for orders from the first quarter of 2019 with the following options

  • Ultra SmartHub: recommended price 199.99 euros
  • Ultra Add On: recommended price ? 379.99
  • Ultra 1-cam system: recommended price ? 499.99
  • Ultra 2-cam system: recommended price ? 799.99
  • Ultra 3-cam system: recommended price 999.99 euros
  • Ultra 4-cam system: recommended price ? 1,299.99

Further information on the entire Arlo Smart Home product range and services on the official website. For those who want to know the range currently on sale in Italy and the relative offers, macitynet has long since set up a complete guide to Arlo surveillance products.