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The iPhone lands in Korea and enters the wolf's den

For the less experienced only a small "beep" on the radar that tracks the spread of the iPhone worldwide, for someone else an interesting, from an economic point of view, debut in one of the richest countries in Southeast Asia, but for those who carefully study the world of technology are one of the most important challenges since the launch of the iPhone. We are talking about the official announcement, released today, of the launch of the Cupertino mobile phone in South Korea within the weekend.

The relevance of the turnaround is well perceived when taking into account the fact that the Japanese are probably more demanding than the Japanese when it comes to innovation. Add to this the fact that in Korea there is a tradition of connectivity, use of mobile tools with broadband access and super-sophisticated terminals that do not fear competition from any other country, the picture, also in terms of potential profit that can be bet in the challenge to that market, complete.

The peculiarity of the Korean scenario such that the Government of the Asian country has raised barriers to protect its national telephone manufacturers (such as the need for terminals marketed in that country to follow particular rules for the security and accessibility of the numbers of order, or the granting of very complicated state licenses to be obtained for those who offer localization services). Apple is among the first companies in the world to take advantage of a lowering of these "defenses" which open a scenario in which iPhone is positioned as a sort of "primus inter pares". iPhone, in fact, the first and most serious competitor of the various Samsung and LG which have already started to produce phones inspired by iPhone for some time, obtaining an uninspiring success outside national borders.

The announcement by Apple, which will become part of the phones marketed by KT Corp, the second largest mobile phone provider in South Korea, from 28 November, reverses the scenario experienced to date: the company that invented the phone more influential in the world in terms of innovation than even the most "copied" phone in the world, goes to the home of companies that more than others have proven to be good at taking inspiration from the American and Japanese giants, to invade the world with high technology.

In addition to this aspect, the size of the Korean market remains in the foreground; Korea was the last major industrialized country in the world not to have iPhones. How and how much Apple will be able to treasure these two converging aspects, the arrival in a nation that buys a large number of mobile phones and goes in search of technologically sophisticated models, all to be seen and noted.