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Ripper and Server X, two new extensions for the Soundminer sound system

Soundminer has presented Soundminer Ripper and Soundminer Server X, two new products that extend the capabilities of the Soundminer system.

Soundminer an application for cataloging, searching and editing sounds optimized for use with Digidesign Pro Tools.

Soundminer Ripper 2.3 offers transfer tools for audio CDs that allow you to transfer entire audio CDs to your hard disk with all the tracks and relative indices, and in the case of sound effects CDs, all the information relating to the manufacturer's database included in the files .Soundminer Ripper now included with each Soundminer license.

Ripper allows you to choose between the different 16/24 bit, 44.1 / 48kHz and SD2f / AIFF formats. Each file also includes a special section, invisible to the Finder, which stores the description of the file, the manufacturer, the category, and any other type. information related to the file.Soundminer Browser allows you to see all these features and to easily navigate between the different files.Ripper supports ATA or SCSI CD-ROM drives, and the SD2f or AIFF files created by the application are fully compatible with Digidesign Pro Tools. Many commercial sound libraries are already supported, and many more are added weekly.

Soundminer Ripper included in the Soundminer package, at a price of $ 795 dollars.

Soundminer Server, on the other hand, is an application dedicated to network operations in cases where there are multiple terminals connected together. It allows management of administrative operations, database serving, traffic control, remote access and an encryption system to protect the network from external intrusions.The application supports both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, but the sound files can reside on any platform (Mac, NT or Linux).

Server X precisely the version for Mac OS X, and in combination with Apple's OS it allows you to assign different levels of privileges to each user. Accesses are recorded in a database for total control of transfers. Data is protected and a user can connect from anywhere in the world to the database, leaving their audio files in a special folder. Server X can be set up to regularly update its database by looking for new files. Integrity operations of audio files are carried out regularly and the system corrects any missing movements or documents.

The Soundminer Server X price of $ 995 dollars.

For more information, you can visit the Soundminer Inc. website.

(By Daniele Volpin)