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Netgear Orbi Voice combines Wi-Fi Mesh, Harman Kardon audio and Amazon Alexa

Netgear Orbi Voice has already been presented at IFA as the world's first Wi-Fi Mesh device with Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Harman Kardon audio. In practice, the functions of three latest generation devices integrated in one.

In fact, the Orbi Voice speaker expands the coverage of the Wi-Fi network by eliminating dead zones, offers high-quality music reproduction thanks to the Harman Kardon audio technology, and finally integrates the Amazon Alexa voice assistant as standard, now finally available also in Italian.Netgear Orbi Voice combines Wi-Fi Mesh, Harman Kardon audio and Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is the intelligent cloud-based voice service with which you can communicate through Orbi Voice. You can ask Alexa to listen to music, the latest news, weather forecasts and control devices for the smart home with a voice command. Alexa a Cloud service that becomes increasingly intelligent and allows you to add new features to the user's devices. Using Alexa on simple Orbi Voice: just ask and Alexa will answer right away.

For example, we can ask the assistant to play our favorite music via Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Deezer and others. We can also say "Alexa" to add an appointment to the calendar, to let us read the news of the day and much more.Netgear Orbi Voice combines Wi-Fi Mesh, Harman Kardon audio and Amazon Alexa

In addition to simplifying numerous daily actions thanks to voice commands, Netgear Orbi Voice is a device with a modern and elegant design, suitable for any environment, able to offer a powerful and fast Wi-Fi connection in any corner of the house.

Positioned in the living room, it plays music for moments of relaxation, with music or to listen to a podcast, in the kitchen to listen to the news or the weather forecast for the weekend, in the bedroom to listen to audiobooks and music. The premium audio branded Harman Kardon reproduces defined sounds rich in detail in all tones, perfect for listening alone or in the company of friends.Netgear Orbi Voice combines Wi-Fi Mesh, Harman Kardon audio and Amazon Alexa

When we welcome friends and relatives, it is possible to create a guest network with Orbi and then you can even forget your password, so much so that Alexa will remember it: just ask. In case you ran out of ideas, Alexa also tells jokes.

Even the installation of the Wi-Fi Mesh network is easy and intuitive through the app and with a single Wi-Fi network name throughout the house. With the Orbi app, you can set the Circle By Disney parental control, to manage content and time spent online by the little ones at home, as well as adjust the volume and equalizers, working on the bass and treble of the woofer (9 cm) and tweeter (3 cm) speakers. ).

Prices and availability

Orbi Voice available both in the RBK50V kit together with the Orbi Tri-Band Wi-Fi router, and as a single RBS40V satellite that can be added to any existing Orbi network. You can order Netgear Orbi Voice exclusively on Amazon with availability starting from November 30th:

– the Orbi Mesh WiFi system (RBK50V), consisting of an Orbi Tri-Band Wi-Fi router and the VoiceWiFi satellite. Recommended price: 499.

– the additional Orbi Voice Smart Speaker WiFi Mesh satellite satellite (RBS40V) – for those who already have an Orbi WiFi system. Recommended price 329.

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