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Nader: "This is how the government can stop Microsoft"

Nader: Here's how the government can stop Microsoft – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The US government could easily induce Microsoft to more reasonable terms in its business practice without resorting to lawsuits and processes. It would be enough if he operated according to the logic of the market, comparing prices and choosing the best products. To propose this colombo egg Ralph Nader, one of the most prominent champions of consumer rights in the USA and also known outside national borders for being a candidate as an outsider and representative of the environmental currents for the presidency of the republic.Nader asks in a letter to the American government how much money the Federal Government spends on Microsoft products and suggests a very simple remedy: launching tenders for software as well it happens in all other supplies of products destined for federal offices, from jets to cars. According to Nader, this would be enough to lower prices and raise the quality of Microsoft products, freeing up competition. With its purchasing power, the Washington government has in the past already imposed standards, such as recycled paper airbags. The government could go further by asking that all products supplied to ministries and federal offices have minimum requirements, such as compatibility with Apple, IBM and other Microsoft rivals. It could even buy, says Nader, Microsoft's intellectual property and release it as a public domain.Microsoft immediately replied that if Naders had to evaluate the products carefully, Microsoft would find out how they already offer the best value for money.

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