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Google also puts "Usage Time" on smart speakers

The risk that humans begin to talk more and more with machines, rather than relate to each other, starts to get higher and higher. Not only smartphones, but smart speakers for some time now, with virtual assistants on board. And then Google is concerned, as Apple did, to give users tools to understand how much time they spend with their devices and to limit their use. Apple called it "Usage time", while the corresponding Google service Digital Wellbeing, which will also soon arrive on the company's smart speakers.

Digital Wellbeing available as a traditional app on the Google Play Store, although compatible with very few smartphones at the moment. The app offers a series of statistics on the use of the terminal and the various apps, also allowing you to set limits on the use of the phone.

Google also puts the Usage Time on smart speakers

This service was introduced by the Mountain View company for Android 9 Pie earlier this year, while the feature now appears to be heading in the direction of smart speakers.

Thanks to this new feature, users will have the possibility to set filters to limit people of a certain age and to play certain multimedia contents, or even to prevent the voice assistant from answering at certain times of the day.

The feature currently being tested on Google smart devices, although it may be geographically limited. In Italy, at the moment, there is no such news.