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Corona not for Mac

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Corona, the new video technology developed by Microsoft, may never arrive on the Mac. An address in this sense shines through some statements released yesterday to the press by Microsoft itself, asked in the context of the release of QuickTime 6 According to Jonathan Usher, director of Windows Digital Media Division, Corona will be focused on other markets than the Mac one. We have other projects at the moment. Urged on future plans on Usher preferred not to comment. Our attention now focuses on the version for Windows XP – he said – as well as on other versions of Windows We remember that Corona is the code name of a set of tools for video streaming and video encoding which in Microsoft projects should become the dominant system on the market. Corona should be used in all digital multimedia systems, from encoding for DVDs to spreading content over the Internet and via cable. In this sense it would be the main competitor of MPEG-4 supported in the front row by Apple with its QT 6 but also by most of Microsoft's competition, such as Real Networks and by the large representation of the companies grouped in the ISMA, the Internet Streaming Media Alliance.

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