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Blower: the iPhone blows and blows out candles

Blower: the iPhone blows and blows out candles – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Among the many applications that sail in the top positions of the App Store sales ranking, perhaps not the most useful, but certainly one of the most curious, as well as the one that can amaze the most. We are talking about Blower – Real Ai

To understand what is so original about the Qneo program, just take a look at the video you find at the bottom of this article. You launch it, activate a switch and the iPhone blows. Yes, you got it right: it blows and not in a virtual, but real way. In practice, it throws air out of the loudspeaker port.

The technically not too surprising thing. Blower uses the "mechanical" functioning of the speakers which are induced to reproduce a very loud sound. This causes an air current that flows from the doors. But beyond practical operation, the most interesting thing is the effect produced: you can blow out candles or blow small objects away, something that will amaze friends and work colleagues.

The developer also did a nice job from a practical point of view, with an animated fan and a hobby-style switch. There is also an analog fan speed indicator (virtual)

To buy (79 cents) click here

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