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Apple and MPEG-LA towards peace

The thorny affair of the MPEG-4 license is about to be resolved. To announce the end of the dispute not only the release of the Preview version of QT 6.0, whose presentation had been postponed indefinitely following uncertainty on the subject, but Steve Jobs himself.

'We have not yet pinpointed the' i ',' said the Apple CEO said in an interview released yesterday, 'but we are working on it. I'm confident. It is too important a topic not to find a solution. " According to Jobs, the final details will have been addressed and resolved shortly, before the official release of QT 6.0, or by the summer.

Opinions also confirmed by the counterparty, or the MPEG LA consortium which holds the technologies that underlie MPEG-4. 'We still don't have any news on licensing terms,' said Larry Horn, one of the MPEG LA managers. 'But we hope to have the final terms by this summer. The step by Apple, in any case, represents full confidence that a reasonable agreement will be signed "

We recall that the initial license proposal put forward by MPEG-LA had been rejected by ISMA. The Internet Streaming Media Alliance, which brings together a large number of operators in the Internet multimedia sector, including Apple, rejected the request for a "mega fee" sent by MPEG-LA.

Positive comments to Apple's step also come from the ISMA itself which says it is happy that the support for MPEG-4 remains solid and hopes for a quick publication of the final license terms.