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Aperture 3.6 is available: changelog, news, download


Download Aperture 3.6 from Mac AppStore. (MAC) Aperture 3.6 (MacAppStore) ITA. Download Aperture 3.6 for free from the App Store for Mac

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As promised from the beginning, Apple has released an update for Aperture (3.6) which makes it compatible with Yosemite. Do not try to download it from Mavericks because it will tell you that it is an incompatible app since it specifies for the new OS X 10.10.

It could be the latest update on this software which, as anticipated in WWDC 2014, will be abandoned in favor of a new Photos app that will incorporate the functions of iPhoto and Aperture, but which will not be available before 2015. Obviously, the latter will also require Yosemite, it seems that Apple is forcing us a bit to update the operating system.

Program description Aperturefor Mac

Aperture the first choice of Mac users to whom iPhoto is no longer enough. It does not support layers and masks, but nevertheless the editing operations are effective and well managed

To keep thousands of photographs at bay, iPhoto is a good option. But what if at a certain moment he starts to hold you tight? Open the answer: with the many powerful tools available, the perfect tool for even the most demanding palate.

Thanks to the many excellent adjustment presets, Aperture allows you to edit your photos easily and with professional results. The preview of each adjustment shows you the result you will get by applying it. One of the surprising aspects of Aperture that you can change the parameters of the brushes used even after having already used them on the photo, thus seeing the changes in real time.

Download Aperture 3.6 from Mac AppStore. (MAC) Aperture 3.6 (MacAppStore) ITA. Download Aperture 3.6 from the App Store for Mac

(MAC) Aperture 3.6 (MacAppStore) ITA

Aperture 3.6 for OS X 10.10 or later on sale on the Mac App Store at a price of Euro 69.99. Absurd that they still ask for 70 euros for a program that in a few months will disappear and die forever. I really have no words. If you want to buy it, however, here is the link to the Mac App Store:

New changelog Aperture 3.6

This update addresses compatibility issues with OS X Yosemite and includes stability improvements.

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