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Active releases the Italian version of Microspot MacDraft PE

Mac Draft PE provides tools for 2D drawing, for technical drawing and technical illustration, in a simple and inexpensive package. Suitable for both operators in the sector and for students and hobbyists, useful for drawing accurate plans, sketches, drawings of systems or electronics and other types of 2D illustrations.

Microspot MacDraft P.E. offers a complete set full of useful tools, allows you to operate on different scales, supports both decimal and English metric measurements. Perfect for making sketches and more complex drawings, Microspot MacDraft P.E. excels for all types of technical and illustrative drawings.

It is another program that enriches the constantly expanding line of localized Active products

The demo of the Mac OS Classic version available from the Active site and shortly will also be available in the version for Mac OS X.

Microspot MacDraft Personal Edition available at many IT retailers at a price of ? 99.00 + VAT in the version with the manual in PDF format and ? 119.00 in the version with the printed manual in Italian. It can also be purchased from the Active e-commerce site: