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iCarte 110, Rfid reader for iPhone

RFID (acronym for "Radio Frequency IDentification") a technology for the automatic identification of objects, animals or people based on the ability to remotely store and access data using electronic devices (called "TAG" or transponders) capable of responding by communicating some information when they are "interrogated".

Softwork, manufacturer and distributor of RFID systems, has announced iCarte 110, the first RFID and NFC reader (Near Field Communication) integrated with a harmonious design to the iPhone: it is an accessory that can be connected to the iPhone connector, which transforms in an NFC mobile phone and in an Rfid reader / writer.

The iCarte also contains a smart-chip, thus allowing it to be transformed into an electronic wallet (electronic wallet) to be used as a credit, debit, pre-paid and loyalty card. The device operates at the 13.56MHz frequency, supporting Iso14443A / B and ISO15693 (Nxp Mifare, I-Code Sli, TI Tag-it HF-I, etc.).

The iCarte facilitates peer to peer (P2P) communications using Nfcip-1 and ISO 18092 standard, while the Sam (Secure Access Module) integrated into the device compatible with the Jcop operating system.

With this device it will be possible to use the iPhone for fast and safe contactless payments, transit and monetary checks, pre-paid cards. The system opens up new horizons for the use of mobile phones supported by RFID, for services including smart posters, kiosks and the exchange of information with another mobile phone or NFC device.

iCarte supports the multiple read / write functions of the RFID: the information contained in the tag memory can be read and written by the device and transmitted in real time to a database via Wi-Fi or 3G connection. There are many possible applications: asset and document tracking, healthcare, security and access control.

The iCarte compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS. The device includes a mini-Usb connector that can be used to charge the iPhone and synchronize it with iTunes.

(By Mauro Notarianni)