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Hisense H75U9A TV review: first-class brightness and audio for a giant born for sports

We have talked to you several times about Hisense TVs and the technologies that the Chinese company has used to rival more popular brands in the field of large format TVs. HiSense has sent us for its test its gigantic H75U9A which, although it was not, in fact, the official TV for the world wanted to be the most powerful (and largest) available on the market in the summer-autumn 2018.

And really great considering that we had to place it astride the TV cabinet practically "bridge" on the ends and with such a display surface combined with a sofa positioned at about 3 m: practically we lived for 4 weeks "inside" the films of Netfllix, Amazon Prime and sports events as well as those in 4K of SKY Q since the TV compatible with the HLG format.

TV review Hisense H75U9A: first-class brightness and audio for a giant born for sportsThe home page on a 4K monitor a little out of format …

Design and assembly

When we saw this boundless panel delivered, we were slightly amazed: to get it into the condominium lift we had to put it vertically and for the unpacking and assembly we had to resort to the help of a collaborator above all to avoid damaging the screen: to say the truth has helped us the full-bodied and well-structured chassis: a TV that does not aim to be the thinnest on the market and favors solidity and performance. On the back mounted a complex ultra-defined backlighting system and the sound box is used to increase audio performance.

Needless to deny that the rigid structure is also a good aid for mounting and moving: in any case two people are needed to insert the transparent plexiglass element that acts as a back support and the "U" bar that ends up in front of the front soundbar : in the end we will have a very interesting "tripod" configuration that seems to cause the heavy TV to rise on the table top. Certainly not a beautiful TV to watch on the back and on the side but the large screen and the well-designed front manage to compensate for this lack.

The direct and immediate controls for the TV (power, volume, channel, source) are located in the front bar on the right.


Arranged in two areas on the back with one suitably recessed and the others that will require cables with "L" plug if mounted on the wall, the TV connections are generous: 4 HDMI (attention only 2 are 4K HDR at 60Hz, the others two are at 4K HDR at 30 Hz), three USB, ethernet and obviously antenna.

TV review Hisense H75U9A: first-class brightness and audio for a giant born for sports


The strengths of the screen are essentially two: the presence declared by Hisense with ?Prime Array Backlight? of 1056 zones for local dimming with 20550 Nits of brightness and a high dynamic range and technology Quantum Dot that together make the UHD Premium label deserve on TV.

Labels aside so precise local dimming management definitely helps to achieve high black levels and the Hisense Peaking Brightness Process algorithm helps to maximize the brightness range and improve the contrast at least twice (according to company statements) compared to a traditional LED TV.

Hisense also adopts a new motion estimation and compensation technology by doubling the fluidity in fast moving images. Backlight Scanning technology helps to reduce the wake effect and the results are appreciated directly in football matches and in other dynamic sports.

The sound

Thanks to the generous chassis that does not sacrifice depth in favor of audio performance, the sound of this truly high-level TV. Although of course we do not have Dolby Atmos the system recreates a surround system starting from the front bar which can make the purists turn up their noses but which however remains on high quality levels, excellent presence and good dynamics. Tweeter, Midrange and Woofer are separate and take advantage of the huge resonance box available behind the panel.

The arrangement of the speakers helps more those who install the TV in medium-low height furniture, say 45-60 cm from the floor and position themselves about 2.5-4 meters from the TV for a totally immersive experience.

TV review Hisense H75U9A: first-class brightness and audio for a giant born for sports

Smart TV and remote control

HiSense is not based on Android or an operating system like LG does with webOS but manages everything through its simplified smart interface VIDAA U which objectively, albeit easy and fast to navigate (on board the TV there is a quad core processor) not up to content with respect to the competition: there are all the streaming and video services you need and we spent entire weekends watching the 4K HDR demo movies of YouTube, series on Netflix and Prime but the interface when it starts takes everything the screen and maybe you would like to keep an eye on the current broadcast before choosing another one or a streaming service.

Not having received the remote control by mistake in the first days of testing, we "arranged" with the "RemoteNOW" application on iOS and Android which allows TV control and the projection on the big screen of the images and videos taken on the smartphone: convenient when you do not find the remote control but obviously the most comfortable traditional system especially for normal TV channels. Convenient the possibility on the remote control to select Netflix and good ergonomics even if the design does not appear particularly


TV review Hisense H75U9A: first-class brightness and audio for a giant born for sports

Tested with 4K, HDR, Sky Q, upscaling

We tried the different HDR viewing modes and certainly the one called HD Dinamic, even if it enhances the brightness of the screen even more and tends to lighten the scene a bit but by working on the overall brightness it is possible to balance everything.

There are no shadow phenomena on the sharp contours that border on white. The management of blacks with a few adjustments allows you to get excellent results that I cannot rival with OLEDs but which thanks to the resolution of the backlight offer a good compromise with alternative technology.

The basic backlight adjustment and the right balance must be found between the maximum values ??that offer deep blacks and a little "blooming" on the intermediate areas a bland adjustment that brings a little "clouding". Obviously these are details for fans: all the spectators that we invited to watch on the big screen said they were amazed at the quality of viewing both on scenes with strong contrast and on more balanced scenes.

The upscaling does a good job but of course forget to have the best on local low-resolution TV broadcasts: better of course to switch from HD digital terrestrial channels with a signal that makes excellent even on the large surface of the HiSense.

TV review Hisense H75U9A: first-class brightness and audio for a giant born for sports

With the VIDAA interface, albeit simple, you can quickly access (or even earlier with the button on the remote control) Netflix which offers a now abundant range of 4K transmissions including the beautiful Chef Tables where the saturated colors of the food stand out to the maximum.

Marvel series like iRon Fist have a little background gray but difficult to understand how much is due to TV and how much to digital material.

Dolby Vision and HDR10 modes are not foreseen but the compatibility with HLG it allowed us to appreciate the few sports broadcasts of Sky Q before the start of the football championship and the films in 4K.

An interesting source of demo movies surely YouTube cha an immensity of films and documentaries in 4K HDR and even 8K that stand out for this brightness and "immersiveness" given the huge size of the panel.

We also tried it with Fifa 18 with PS4 Pro and Fortnite and we must say that the lag time and in any case the good quality in the action scenes do not disturb the most "compulsive" players at all. The lag time of about 45 ms.

TV review Hisense H75U9A: first-class brightness and audio for a giant born for sports

Do I choose a big screen or a 4K projector?

The "important" price of this TV leads it to compare with those of the native 4K projectors that are populating the market. A 75 ? diagonal really makes the difference if we want to get to the maximum ratio between brightness and size. A 4K projector in this price range is unlikely to come 2500 Nits of this HiSense and above all the yield cannot be comparable in a partially illuminated environment such as the living room on a Sunday afternoon or a place open to the public impossible to obscure.

From the point of view of practicality, the backlit panel certainly has no competitors and with these dimensions it is able to approach a diagonal from the projector without having to place the source on the ceiling or connect cables to the amplification system. The good ?embedded? amplification system adds an extra versatility feature.


One of the brightest TVs we have ever been able to observe: even if black cannot be compared to OLED models and even to the smaller and more recent Samsung, the performance on a panel of this size is absolutely appreciable.

With some sources, HDR seems slightly desaturated but with a little adjustment it is possible to manage a personalized profile suitable for the most engaging films.

The clouding tracks of the backlight in some cases make the images slightly misty ?at least on some Netflix content.

The strengths are definitely the absolute fluidity in action scenes and sports broadcasts and an audio that we have rarely heard on a flat screen TV. Thanks to the intelligent "soundbar" conformation of the lower part and a thickness that leaves more space for performance and solidity than aesthetics.

Basically a huge all-rounder TV with high-quality images with a vocation to furnish the (large) living room of a sportsman or lover of action films or a public place that wants to offer quality shows even in broad daylight.


Supports HLG, Fantastic brightness and good work of high resolution local dimming. Excellent sound behavior that does not regret the use of a "flat screen. With the right sources. Excellent Browser.


HDR + and Dolby Vision support is missing. Clouding and blooming effects if correct backlight adjustment is not found. Smart TV interface a bit basic.

Retail price

HiSenseH75U9A costs around 3,400 Euros to the public.

The fixed wall support, if you don't want to use it on a piece of furniture, costs around 25 Euros.