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Avatar: the iPhone and touch game coming from Gameloft

Avatar: the iPhone and touch game coming from Gameloft – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In December Gameloft will release the new Avatar game for iPhone and touch on the App Store. In the wake of the announced blockbuster Avatar that will be released in Italian cinemas in January 2010, the Gameloft game puts the player in the shoes of a Na'vi warrior, elegant aliens with extremely fluid movements within graphically well-kept 3D scenarios that they recreate on iPhone and touch the planet Pandora, where the action of the film takes place.

The Avatar game does not follow the same events as the feature film and focuses on a period of time preceding the story told by the film. Gameloft has released a YouTube movie that offers a preview of some spectacular 3D scenarios of the game and which also reveals the control system. A virtual joypad in the bottom left screen and two main action buttons in the bottom right, essentially a solution very similar to that adopted by Gameloft for some previous games such as Assassin's Creed and also Ganstar.

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