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X-BOX, still struggling in the console war

X-BOX, still fatigue in the console war – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The console war has just started but if the good morning starts in the morning Microsoft has little hope of winning it. After the problems in Europe and Japan and after the series of price drops aimed at increasing sales the most worrying signals come from the 'E3 in Los Angeles. In a ZDNet service, it is highlighted how most of the companies that produce games still carefully avoid the release of games for X-BOX while they present new PS2 or even PSX titles with large hands. At the basis of the choice there would be not so much a "philosophical" question but simple economic calculations. Thirty million PS2 against a single million X-BOX means a market thirty times higher and therefore proportionally gains 30 times higher. In the event of uncertainty or a new product launch, therefore, it is almost a logical consequence to choose the potentially less risky market. To admit that this is the case there are companies very close to Microsoft, such as EA, for example. ?We love the X-BOX – explains Jeff Brown, one of the vice-presidents of Electronic Arts – but when it comes to making short-term calculations you have to look at the installed base. A paradoxical case in this paradigm is the presentation of a PS2 version of Matrix, a game of Shiny Entertainment, a company in which Microsoft has invested more than one million euros through the acquisition made by Infrogames. A choice, in some cases, required also because it is proving more expensive than expected to release games for multiple platforms which makes the advantages of the X-BOX (HD and voice skills) a relative factor.

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