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Roborock S55 review, the truly intelligent connected vacuum cleaner

The cleaning of the house, once entrusted to the classic broom and dustpan, has now entered the stage of connected peripherals by right. The fashion of smart vacuum cleaners has broken out, and what we have just tried, Really smart Roborock S55. That's why.

Package contents

Roborock S55 is delivered in a very elegant and minimal cardboard box. Not from Xiaomi, but since the pack one realizes that the peripheral certainly related to the well-known Chinese brand. The company has in fact produced the first version of the original Xiaomi Mi Vacuum vacuum cleaner, to then go it alone and continue its adventure without abandoning the protective wing of the "parent company". The confirmation comes, then, with the application used to control the device, the well-known Mi Home, which will be discussed shortly.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

In addition to the vacuum cleaner, the package also features a replacement filter, a water tank, two cloths for washing the floor, and a manual completely in Chinese. Of course, there is also the charging dock, where the vacuum cleaner will go to "sleep" after completing the cleaning job, or when the batteries are exhausted.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

As did

The shape of this Roborock S55 is among the most traditional. It is round, with a completely shiny upper part, very elegant, but which attracts a lot of dust: after a couple of uses, you will have to pass a cloth on the surface of the robot, to make it shine.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

It weighs about 3.5 kg, and measures: 35.30 x 35.00 x 9.65 cm. The height, to be honest, is somewhat undermined by the presence of a small raised fan: in some tests the vacuum cleaner tried to pass under a wardrobe, but was blocked by the small dome at the top, without which, instead, he would have managed to sneak in.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

The upper glossy surface hides the tank where the dust collects, which is easily accessible. On the front, of course, a cushioned frame, which softens any impact with the furniture.

Among the smartest in the sector

As noted already from what just described above, a remote control for the management of the vacuum cleaner is missing in the package. Yeah, not too smart moms won't like it. To appreciate the choice, however, there will be users who now make their smartphone a real remote control to manage all connected peripherals in the home. And in fact, the Mi Home support app, practically the equivalent of Apple's "Home", a hub within which to connect all the Xiaomi, Mijia, Miniji or other peripherals, among which of course Roborock S55 figure.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

From this application, after the first pairing, it will be possible to fully control the vacuum cleaner, which connects to the home router, and can also be controlled remotely. Yes, you can manage the ignition and cleaning from your smartphone, even when you are not at home.

Mi Home app

Starting the Mi Home app you will have complete control of Roborock S55. The app immediately returns a virtual map, created based on the last cleaning of the robot, and will also provide the position of the vacuum cleaner. From the main control screen you can decide whether to start a standard cleaning, return it to the dock, or whether to clean a certain area of ??the house.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

Standard cleaning is the one that will be used in most cases: the vacuum cleaner first traces the perimeter of the room, and thanks to its algorithms cleans it from top to bottom. If you look at the map created inside the app, you find out how Roborock S55 is really able to completely clean each room, not even leaving a dead area. Obviously, not able to overcome obstacles, such as steps, or furniture, but it can safely pass over the carpets, also thanks to the option that speeds up the vacuum cleaner in these surroundings.

Mi Home app provides a complete view of the state of the vacuum cleaner, providing the efficiency percentages of the various pieces that make up the vacuum cleaner, indicating to the user when the time to change them.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

It is true, there is no physical remote control for the vacuum cleaner, but the virtual one is available within the app: it will be possible to choose between D-Pad or analog pad, being able to drive the vacuum cleaner to your liking.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

Mi Home, in essence, a real added value for this Roborock S55, which is thus one of the smartest in the sector. However, the control of the vacuum cleaner can be shared with family members.

How do you clean?

Beyond the smart factor, the most important aspect dictated by the cleanliness in itself, Roborock S55 does its job, and the internal algorithms allow you to clean a room in its entirety, minimizing dead corners. There is only one brush, instead of two as on many other competitors, but this is actually only used to move the dust towards the center of the device where the suction tank is present.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

Crumbs, dust and other unclogged dirt on the floor can be removed without any problem: after passing the Roborock S55 in a room you will notice, at a general glance, that the cleaning has taken place. Moreover, after finishing work in a room, Roborock S55 automatically begins the journey to the charging base, and further user intervention is not necessary.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner

Roborock S55 is not among the quietest vacuum cleaners, but it is still normal.

Wet mop

Roborock S55 also offers a small water tank, to be inserted optionally on the back, equipped with a mop. The amount of water it releases into the floor is really minimal: more than a real wash, Roborock S55 passes a damp cloth on the floor, immediately after sweeping it. In this case the cleaning is not comparable to that of traditional methods, and the most encrusted stains do not come away. It must be said, however, that after our test, the cloth was completely black. In short, after a cleaning the tank full of dust and dirt varies, and the blackened cloth: two elements that certainly cannot lie, the vacuum cleaner does its duty.

Roborock S55 Review, the really smart connected vacuum cleaner


Roborock S55 the right solution for those looking for a connected and truly smart vacuum cleaner. It is the preferred solution even if you have other Xiaomi peripherals in the house, so as to enrich your Mi Home hub and have total control of the apartment just a tap away. It cleans well, offers a very precise room cleaning algorithm, and is controlled remotely. The washing department does not replace the traditional one, but in any case it works.

On GearBest it costs around 350 euros: more expensive than others, but the unquestionably superior quality and the "smart" department add value.


  • Aesthetically elegant
  • Well built, solid and robust
  • Tank easily accessible
  • Support Mi Home app
  • really smart, you can control it remotely


  • Not among the cheapest (but worth what it costs)