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RadioShack in the US will sell iPhones later this month

The life of the iPhone changes. As an object of desire sold only in the boutiques of the Apple Stores and in the At & T stores, the consumer electronics chain that is present with small shops in all the large urban centers and in the province is now arriving in the RadioShack stores, as such , at the heart of deep and more "popular" America

In a press release, RadioShack announces that it has signed the agreement that will allow it to sell iPhone 3G and 3GS in the Dallas-Fort Worth and New York City stores starting from the end of the month. Within the following year, that is 2010, RadioShack is preparing to extend the offer to the entire network of its stores on American soil.

Already now the official website of RadioShack presents an advertisement announcing the arrival of Cupertino's phones in its stores. RadioShack also has a chain of resellers who also carry out mail order sales, thus expanding the possibility of reaching the most rural and decentralized parts of the United States.

The agreement with RadioShack must therefore be seen as an attempt to extend the visibility and sales of the Apple mobile phone outside of urban centers, large and medium, and areas with greater class penetration with high spending power, as well as culturally more ready for breaking products.