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Myst forever

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Myst was one of the most popular games of all time and its vitality shows no sign of diminishing. After two sequels and a 'rewrite' using a 3D engine, the rights holders are now planning an online version.

"Myst On Line", this is the title of the new chapter, published by Ubi Soft, which was announced during E3 in Los Angeles. In the package you will find a CD that, paying a monthly fee, will allow you to have access to a server set up by Ubi Soft. Here you will find a universe that will be constantly expanded and modified, always recreating new opportunities to visit and play.

The concept behind the multiplayer game is therefore subverted, where we compare ourselves with other users. In Myst On Line the main purpose of connecting on the network aimed at exploring the constant updating of the world of Myst to which, as in a TV show, episodes, new scenes and new characters will be added.

At the moment a release date of Myst On Line has not yet been specified even if Ubi Soft expects that it will be available before the end of the current year

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