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Intel to conquer Wireless

In 1964 one of Intel's founders, Gordon Moore, launched his fanatical law: every 18 months the speed of the processors doubles and the cost is halved. Today Pat Gelsinger, Chief Technology Officer of the Santa Clara company number one in the production of processors, extends this law to the communication sector.

In practice, Intel launches the challenge to the Wireless sector from Munich, where the European Developer Conference is taking place. The company invested 1.4 billion euros in research and development at a time when many companies cut funds to avoid going red.

And in front of the audience of European developers, Intel presents three technologies in development: – systems based on MEMS (Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems), which allow you to keep the promise (so far never kept) of an "always on" connection -Sensor Network based on the growth rates of the microprocessor sector to reach very large networks based on hundreds of wireless connected devices-semiconductor-based optical Switches that marry the functionality of digital logic with optical-electronic devices on a single silicon chip, to reduce the costs of fiber optic connections and increase the connection speed.

In addition, Intel sees another great opportunity for the future in the modular communications sector: proprietary solutions are enough, from today the password is the integration through different modules of consolidated or consolidation standards. As if to say: a marriage promise for Wireless 802.11a and b, which became standard thanks to the work of a company from Cupertino?