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Hook Champ: retro action and adventure for iPhone and touch

Hook Champ: retro action and adventure for iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In this horizontal scrolling game we control an explorer armed with a rope with a hook, perfect for overcoming every obstacle and reaching even the highest platforms. To recover the greatest number of coins and treasures we have a simple and effective control system. Just press and hold your finger over the protagonist to hook the rope and start swinging, lift your finger from the screen to release your grip. Once you reach the desired platform, you can control the movements by pressing under the protagonist in the desired direction.

For immediacy of play and above all for the graphic and sound style, Hook Champ recalls the classic games of the 8bit era very closely. In addition to the challenges to beat personal records, it is possible to compete in the world rankings for each level, as well as the longevity guaranteed by a series of improvements, upgrades that can be purchased with the treasures recovered. Recall that Hook Champ can be tried in the free lite version or purchased in full version for 2.39 euros on the App Store.

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