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Firewire 2 closer than expected?

Firewire 2 closer than expected? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The launch of FireWire 2, or SuperFirewire, may be very close, closer to the end of summer or the beginning of autumn as is commonly thought in many sectors.

In fact, information arrives from Taiwan according to which at least one manufacturer is about to put on the market a case capable of providing IEEE 1394b connectivity to various devices, burner, HD and other types of peripherals.

The manufacturer in question Macpower who advertises on its website the case equipped with a chip capable of communicating both according to the traditional standard that Firewire 2 (here called SuperFirewire) and USB 2 and USB 1.1. In short, a universal system of great interest for the entire IT world.

Mac users and observers of the Apple world in general should be the most interested because if really, as Macpower says, the case already available also means that the processors essential for the operation of Firewire 2 are already on the market and therefore also available to Cupertino: the consequence that Apple could launch machines with Firewire at 800 Mbps already in New York anticipating the expected launch times that spoke of early autumn, a step that could limit the damage produced by the push impressed on the USB 2 market by Intel in the latter days with the introduction of a chipset that allows you to add the new implementation of Universal Standard Bus at almost zero cost. The USB 2 standard has effective performance lower than that of the current Firewire but thanks to the push of Intel and the compatibility with the less performing USB 1.1 is rapidly spreading among manufacturers of peripherals such as recorders and external hard drives icolo instead for the digital video.

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