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Ecovacs Aivi, artificial intelligence for floor cleaning at IFA

ECOVACS has developed a technology based on Artificial Intelligence that detects obstacles even more precisely: ECOVACS AIVI.

Acronym of Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation: with the help of this technology, the robot can automatically recognize obstacles in front of it and act accordingly.

Objects such as cables, shoes or clothing must no longer be removed or moved manually before cleaning: thanks to AIVI, recognition takes place automatically and the robot moves accordingly.

The system combines with Smart Navi 3.0 mapping and navigation technology, capable of scanning, mapping and safely planning an efficient route for complete and systematic cleaning. In practice, users see from a floor plan how the route was managed.

The sensors of the ECOVACS AIVI AI system continuously detect any obstacles that the robot may encounter along the way to overcome them as if by magic. interior of the stand in the Berlin fair, where the new technology is on display.

ECOVACS AIVI, at IFA 2018 artificial intelligence in floor cleaning

And all with an eye to privacy: the AI ??function is in fact used only to detect the robot environment, foreign bodies and obstacles. Images are not recorded and shared with ECOVACS or third parties. Nothing stored, n in the DEEBOT n in the application.