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Crack for X-BOX, but only for super experts

Crack for X-BOX, but only for super experts – logomacitynet1200wide 1

It was to be expected: the chips that, disabling the protections built into Microsoft's Xbox, allow the games to be illegally copied on recordable CDs and DVDs, begin to appear on the market.

Several sources, including Microsoft itself, claim that the phenomenon will be limited, due to the considerable technical capabilities that the operation entails: soldering the chip on the printed circuit and the complexity of the "cracking" of the inserted game protections on the original supports; for now the copied software have appeared only in some private chats on ICQ.

The chips modified for the rival console Playstation 2, were available immediately after the appearance on the market of the console itself, without causing too many problems to the sales of the games.

But the copied games are not the only reason to modify an Xbox, the reason may also be the will to add new possibilities to the system, such as reading MP3 files or running emulators for old games and this could be an additional cause for concern for Microsoft and especially for those who work in the PC sector (by Marco Centofanti)

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