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Apple introduces iPad Mini 3, but has the same hardware as iPad Mini 2!


What changes from the iPad Mini 3 to the iPad Mini 2? What are the differences between iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2? Here is a comparison between iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2 to understand what changes

Apple introduced iPad Mini 3, but the processor was the "old" A7 with M7. Again there is only the Touch ID, but it is worth 100 euros more?

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<p style=Together with iPad Air 2, Apple has also announced the new iPad mini 3, now with Touch ID and also in Gold version. As we mentioned earlier, during an event organized a few hours ago, Among other things, Apple has officially unveiled the new iPad Mini 3.

The new small tablet from Apple was long awaited and, as expected, Apple officially announced it, also providing it with a fingerprint sensor, the long-awaited Touch ID. But, apart from Touch ID, what are the differences between iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2? What changes between the two tablets? Should I switch from iPad Mini 2 to iPad Mini 3? Let's find out together.

Contrary to what happened for all the other devices presented by Apple tonight, basically traiPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2 there is no difference, except as regards the Touch ID.iPad Mini 3, in fact, nothing but an "old" iPad Mini 2 with revised and updated aesthetic lines and with Touch ID sensor installed on the front. Practically,Apple is selling liPad Mini 2 for iPad Mini 3 with a small additional addition: extra gold color and Touch ID.

iPad Mini 3 has the A7 processor with M7 coprocessor, which is an "old" two-generation chip since the A8X was also presented today. Although it is an extremely powerful and 64-bit CPU, presenting a new model practically identical in everything to the predecessor may not be liked by everyone. In fact, analyzing the official characteristics, the only difference between iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3 is the Touch ID: dimensions, weight and everything else in fact unchanged. Obviously the new model has a new 128GB memory cut (32GB eliminated) and Gold coloring.

As easy to see from the official data sheets of the two devices, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2 have the same A7 processor, the same camera, the same display resolution, the same Wi-Fi module, the same 4G LTE module, the same sensors, the same battery and the same design. Nothing changes from the iPad Mini 3 to the iPad Mini 2, except for the Touch ID and the gold color, as mentioned.

The most absurd thing, however, that the price of the iPad Mini 3 went from 379 euros to 399 euros (basic model).In practice, do we also have to pay more for an old thing?

The "old" iPad Mini 2 dropped in price to 299 euros and in practice does not differ in anything from the new iPad Mini 3: what sense does it pay to pay 100 euros more to have the same thing? I don't think that the Touch ID sensor alone is worth 100 euros of expenditure. What do you say? How do you think it? Do not be fooled, do not buy iPad Mini 3, it is not convenient! Might as well buy iPad Mini 2 and save 100 euros, you have the same thing and much the Touch ID sensor you would practically never use it!

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