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An iBrowser coming from Apple?

An iBrowser coming from Apple? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

This is the juice of the story: Apple would use the Mozilla code (which is open source) to make it a very fast and simple browser for Os X, relegating Microsoft's Explorer to a product like many others (remember that the famous agreement of 1997 that made IE the default browser on Apple machines in exchange for the continuity of the development of Office for Mac)

The "deep throats" also make the name of the possible candidate: it would be Chimera, a native browser for OSX based on Mozilla, but without the thousand features that weigh down the lizard.Mike Pinkerton, one of the leaders of the Mozilla and Chimera project, says of having heard these rumors, but that actually there were no contacts with Apple.

The recent Xserve presentation held by Steve Jobs, not with Explorer like all the previous ones, but with the lightest and most performing (at least on Mac) browser in Cocoa, also aroused some clarification.

(By Marco Centofanti)

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