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The limits of iTools.

With an Apple clarifying document (on behalf of the moderator of the discussion list on iTools, Adam) he outlines the bandwidth limits within which to ?move? with his own homepage of iTools.In the last few weeks several iTools users protested on the web for the closure of their homepage without a clear motivation which was limited to the note: "Exceeding Account Limitations" (the user has exceeded the limits). This happens mostly with those users who make particular files available for public download which, obviously , have an unexpected success or in any case exceed the band made available by Apple and which is only now specified.

Here is the text: ?Apple recently introduced some bandwidth limitations for the iTools homepages. If a user's homepage receives more than 500 hits every 6 hours, it will be limited, in those six hours, to a bandwidth equal to twice the capacity of its iDisk. .

If the iTools user has chosen the option to upgrade to a larger space of his iDisk and in a period of 6 hours the homepage receives less than 500 hits the available band fourteen times the capacity of his iDisk, but if the hits in 6 hours are greater than 500 the limitation reaches 2.5 times the capacity of the iDisk. When these limits are exceeded, the user's homepage will be disabled for a maximum of 12 hours. These limits are subject to change without prior notice. We apologize for any inconvenience that everything may have created for you. Adam – Apple Support Discussions. "