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tado ° launches the digital boiler repair service in Europe

Before the arrival of the cold, tado, specialized in intelligent climate management, today launches a series of smart and free services that make the repair, replacement and maintenance of your boiler as simple as sliding your finger on the screen of your smartphone. The worry-free service package will allow users to save time and reduce the inconveniences and concerns associated with home heating.

In summer it is easy to forget about your heating system. Many boilers break during this period and often without the owners noticing, who will then find themselves an unpleasant surprise in the first cold.

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of a wide range of heating systems, the new tado boiler repair service provides instant help when needed, offering the assistance of a national team specialized in boiler repair and quick appointments to meet user needs.

tado photo repair tado climate assistant v2

The new services can also facilitate the maintenance necessary to safeguard the health of the boiler and, at the same time, keep the manufacturer's guarantee intact. For consumers who need a new boiler, tado can now recommend the best substitutes.

This service is the result of research commissioned by the company, the result of which revealed that more than 50 percent of its users would consider purchasing a device through tado.

Our boiler repair service an efficient and fast way to keep your heating system healthy says Christian Deilmann, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of tado. Furthermore, if something does not work in your boiler, we provide you with the digital tools necessary to solve the problem as quickly as possible and without any disturbance.

The boiler repair service now available to users in Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. With more innovative services coming, tado is cementing its position as an intelligent climate assistant by offering owners and renters a package of services for comfort, convenience and worry-free savings.