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Sonos Beam, Airplay 2 compatible compact soundbar arrives in Italy

Sonos is a brand of absolute prestige in the home sector and historically it has always been well supported by Apple products for construction details as for the minimalist but refined design.

Sonos has also been talked about a lot lately, from the agreement with Ikea for the construction of Symfonisk, a portable speaker for the home up to the adoption of AirPlay 2 very soon, in addition to Alexa and Google Home (the latter later).

They are presents Beam, smart audio for the living room

Beam, all in one for all budgets

Today we focus on the announcement of Beam, an all-in-one soundbar for the living room, with very interesting smart features, compact shape and absolutely popular price considering the potential.

We had already talked about Beam here at Macitynet, but hearing it live was a truly engaging experience even if in order to better understand its details and results, we look forward to being able to try it directly and offer you a more complete overview.

In the meantime, we can tell you that Beam is a TV speaker for small or medium-sized rooms, available in black and white, part of the Sonos Sound System (therefore easily integrated with other Sonos products) with dimensions of 68.5 x 651 x 100 mm.

Composed of four woofers, a tweeter and three passive speakers for audio, it also includes the HDMI ARC connector for controlling the TV via the remote control, with an adapter included for older TVs.

The upper part includes capacitive touch controls and a microphone for the smart part, which can be manually excluded at any time (for privacy).

The connection to the network via Ethernet or via Wi-Fi allows its smart use: compatible with all streaming music systems such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and others, Beam also incorporates advanced technologies for smart controls such as compatibility with Alexa (which will arrive in Italy in the coming months), Airplay (with iOS 11.4), Airplay 2 (from July) and Google Home (further on).

Beam a speaker designed primarily for music, with spatial controls to offer a three-dimensional response thanks to Trueplay, the Sonos technology that optimizes the response based on the microphone input, and specific controls for speech and night mode (to balance the high and low sounds and not to wake children).

In any case, in the demo we saw there was the possibility of appreciating the product also in the cinema sector, combined with successful Netflix TV series.

Beam will arrive in Italy in the second half of July, together with the compatibility with Airplay 2 at the very competitive price of 449.00 Euros to the public: on Amazon already bookable in the Black or White version.