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Real Racing: the best driving game for iPhone and touch

Real Racing: the best driving game for iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

For technical realization and game features Real Racing by Firemint considered as the best car racing game available for iPhone and touch. The 3D reconstruction of tracks and vehicles so successful that from the vision of the game replays, which can be sent on YouTube, it looks like a console title and not a smartphone game.

From a graphic point of view, still today Real Racing, several months after its publication on the App Store, does not fear comparisons with more recent titles. Thanks to the updates, the player can now choose the fireball to drive among 48 different car models, instead of the 36 initially present, in addition, the title has also recently been translated into Italian. In addition to the ability to view the game from every frame, inside and outside the car, Real Racing allows you to play for a few minutes with a fast game in single player, face the career mode to become the number 1. But the game shines in particular in multiplayer mode.

In local Wi-Fi it is possible to challenge friends, while when we are alone we can challenge players from all over the world via the Internet. Below, in addition to some screenshots of the game, we report a video made by Firemint in which the performance on the iPhone 3G and 3GS are compared: thanks to the enhanced hardware, you get better graphics and more cars on the track. Finally, remember that the initial price of 7.99 euros has been reduced: now this already classic driving title on the Apple pocket touchbooks can be purchased for 5.49 euros.

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