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Jibbigo, English to Spanish speech converter for iPhone

Jibbigo, English to Spanish speech converter for iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Dr. Dobb's Journal reports that Alex Waibel, professor of computer science and language technologies at Carnegie Mellon University, developed Jibbigo, an iPhone 3GS application (19.99 euros on the Italian App Store) capable of converting speech from English language in Spanish or vice versa, put on sale now by a startup created specifically to market the software.

The internal vocabulary can understand about 40,000 words; the phrases travelers and doctors may need are particularly accurate. Users can simply say one or two sentences at a time into the microphone and listen and view the translation in the selected target language on the display. The program works independently and needs no internet connection.

Professor Waibel is a leading developer of translation software and has already developed other real-time translation software for German and Japanese. The automatic translation software was developed with contributions from large government agencies. "Our sponsors," says Waibel, "are eager to see the technology applied and adopt it to develop other potential applications for the over 6000 languages ??spoken worldwide."

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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