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Free Amazon Music in Italy and streaming music data

Positive trend that continues for music streaming with a + 32% global for the past year, with increasingly complete services and offers for all tastes

A positive 2019 for the streaming music business: the entire market grew by about 32% on an annual basis, while Spotify and Apple Music are still leading the group. Counterpoint, the number of subscribers to Apple music grew 36%, gaining 19% of the market.

Streaming music, Amazon free in Italy

Analyzing this data that identifies a positive trend of streaming music, we learn the announcement of Amazon. Who would like to take advantage of the serviceAmazon Musicstreaming without having to sign up for an Amazon PrimeoAmazon Music Unlimited subscription, you can do it today.

streaming music ranking 2019

The news comes for usersItalianas for the French and Spanish ones and it is expected that they willtransmit the contentsAmazon Music on devices like Echo, the Amazon Music app for iOS,AndroideFire TVwithout the needto have a Prime or Music Unlimited subscription. The contents that can be transmitted in this mode presupposelimitations. Theplaylists availablewill be the following:

  • Top Hits Today, a playlist with the most listened songs of the moment.
  • Pop life!, the playlist for current Italian pop music.
  • Flow Italian, a playlist dedicated to the Trap genre.

The e-commerce giant's initiative therefore concerns members in France, Italy and Spain, who will be able to listen to much more music without signing up for a subscription or the need to have a credit card. Music fans will be able to play thousands of radio stations based on any song, artist, era and genre; as well as being able to listen to some of the best global Amazon Music playlists.


Also Spotify numbers they grew by 23%, gaining an impressive 35% market share, representing even 31% of the total market revenue in the streaming music sector. The third place occupied by the streaming service of Amazon which reaches 15% and in the period of coronavirus epidemic it will also be free in Italy, while YouTube Music closes with only 6% of the total premium subscribers.

streaming music market 2019

Music streaming services allow you to access catalogs of millions of songs at any time and from any location. A real revolution, especially if you think about how you can enjoy songs and albums from past decades. You don't even need to buy a disc anymore, because the subscription formulas allow you to rent it.

Market analysts believe that Apple's success is due to the constant improvement of the service and continue to tear subscribers from Spotify, while the latter's attention on exclusive content and promotional offers has also led to significant growth.

Apple Music VS Spotify: the comparison

Counterpoint believes that the trend will continue throughout 2020 and that subscribers will grow by more than 25% due of the COVID-19 epidemicIf the forecasts are correct, the total number of paid subscribers worldwide will exceed 450 million.