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Doom III, which graphics card?

Doom III, which graphics card? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

What will be the best graphics cards for Doom III on the market today? No one better than John Carmack able to give indications in this sense and the founder of the ID saga does not shirk the question.In some posts forwarded to websites of fans Carmack makes some distinctions by assigning GeForce4 the palm among those 'Doom III ready 'but not excluding the Radeon 8500 from the competition either.' Based on the specifications 'says Carmarck' the Radeon 8500 should be the fastest, but the GeForce has more efficient drivers at the moment. For this reason, I have been hesitant to date in using it as a reference card for the development of Doom III. In my opinion, at the moment the best purchase would remain the GeForce4 '. Among all the other cards in circulation and of interest for the Mac world, the GeForce3 and the GeForce4 MX are also indicated as adequate, the latter used in the last PowerMacs of the last series, 'Even if you have to have a rather powerful system' Carmack warns' because the GeForce4 MX, despite being a fast card, less suitable for the technological characteristics of the GeForce4 in Doom'.It could be suitable for an acceptable gaming experience both the GeForce2 with 128-bit DDR and the Radeon 7500 (with the first favorites on the second), while the Radeon and the 64-bit GeForce will not offer adequate speeds except at 320 × 240 resolution. In short, in summary, it seems to understand that a decent some of the latest or penultimate Macs should be able to manage the new ID game even if it is worth a warning, launched by Carmack himself. The presentation of the distant title and between here and then not only the specifications will change, but many new graphics chips will arrive on the market that will change the profile of the 'average machine' by increasing the speed of the GPU.

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