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Arcade Reality: Shoot the aliens in augmented reality on the iPhone and touch

Arcade Reality: shoot aliens in augmented reality on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Until now, alien invaders were confined to video game screens but a new invisible invasion is taking place right now, in the environments and in the world around us. Impossible to see with the naked eye, spaceships and various monsters are completely visible if framed with the iPhone camera in the room in which we find ourselves or even outdoors. To bring down the invaders taking full advantage of the augmented reality of Arcade Reality you need an iPhone 3GS.

Three game modes are available Arcade Reality, Infinite and Asteroid Attack. The title promises music and audio effects that help engage the player, different types of enemies and enhancements to increase gameplay. Arcade Reality proposed on the App Store for 2.39 euros.

Special offers

iPad Pro 2020 available for order on Amazon: arriving Wednesday March 25th

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