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The Arlo Baby Smart HD camera will have Homekit support in early 2018

With the new Arlo Baby firmware coming soon we could whisper Hei Siri, show me the baby's bedroom or take a look at the Home page or an Apple Watch screen to make sure that our baby is sleeping or sing him a lullaby while we are busy in other domestic activities and we can also view the scene from Apple TV.

And what will allow us to do the update on arrival of Arlo Baby, the Netgear camera designed for the tranquility of more or less apprehensive parents, busy or simply looking for relaxation.

The Netgear camera, on sale since 2017, has a Wi-Fi connection and a 1080p sensor and works normally with the dedicated app that allows you to detect sudden noises, communicate via audio input and output, see the recordings of the latest activities.

The camera has night vision, sensors to measure the temperature, air humidity and its quality (VOC), a night light with different colors and also an audio player with speaker to play sweet lullabies that can also be managed directly by the parent .

The included battery allows its positioning anywhere in the child's room or in the area of ??his activities (for example if you have installed a playpen in the living room and want to go to the kitchen). The cloud service allows registrations up to a week.

Several optional costumes are available to make the camera look even more pleasing.

Obviously when the child is grown up you can use the camera and its sensors as part of your home homekit system.

Arlo Baby Smart HD available in retail stores and on Amazon.