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Rock Band lands on iPhone and touch for challenges at the last note

Rock Band lands on iPhone and touch for challenges at the last note – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Rock Band phenomenon could not be missing on the pocket devices most requested by users: now thanks to Electronic Arts Rock Band fans can test their rock star qualities alone or in cooperation with up to 4 friends anytime, anywhere with iPhone and touch. The game includes 20 songs that can be played in four different modes: bass, guitar, drums and even voice, also playing in single player you can face a flash challenge with a single song or try your hand in full career mode. Starting from the taverns and as we play better, we will have more money, more public to fill entire stadiums.

In the cooperative mode it is possible to play up to a maximum of 4 friends, each with a different tool, also possible to use Facebook to organize the game sessions. Inside Rock Band there is also a shop where you can buy additional tracks in packs of two. Rock Band for iPhone and touch proposed on the App Store for 7.99 euros.

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