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Norton Personal Firewall 2: the guardian of the computer

The only product that was not yet available for purchase, in the Symantec range (recently invested by a wave of renewal), was the Personal Firewall 2.0, which, in the night, also earns a minor "live update".

According to the manufacturer, the software would be proposed as an assistant in the defense of your computer from external attackers, preventing unauthorized access from the internet and safeguarding your data. The first version of the "Personal Firewall", as many know, was not programmed directly from Symantec technicians, but you opt for the quickest way to purchase the DoorStop code of Open Door Networks. Unfortunately, it proved to be a not completely satisfactory tool, with different roughness in management, diabolical conflicts with the firewalling services integrated in OS X and very few configurable options.

We wait to receive, for a thorough field test, in a real use, version 2.0 of the software, advertised to operate more effectively with X, through a better "carbonization", even if, in this sector, there are already appreciated competitors (such as NetBarrier X, from Intego, completely rewritten with the Cocoa API).

The package, although not yet available on the Italian Symantec store, can be ordered on the US one, at a price of $ 69.95.