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Intel: chipset with integrated USB 2

ntel: chipset with integrated USB 2 Intel surprising everyone announces well in advance one of the main themes of the USB developer conference: chipset with integrated support of version 2.0. In Santa Clara is anyone afraid of an imminent announcement of FireWire 2?

Intel pushes more and more on USB 2 and announces important news coming for the ever wider spread of the new implementation of the Universal Standard Bus

Some important news in this field will be announced during the USB 2.0 developer conference which will take place from 10 to 12 June in San Jos, California. These include the direct chipset support of the standard in the 845 G / E and 845GL series products.

The integration of USB 2 at the chipset level is of particular interest because it would mark the adoption at low costs of the standard in all the machines that will adopt this type of device. The consequence will be the widespread diffusion of USB 2 to replace USB 1.2, the standard used today by Apple

Recall that Apple, for now, has not yet made any public announcement on the possibility of adopting USB 2 in the Mac. The impression that Cupertino is waiting to be able to announce machines equipped with FireWire 2, whose speed will be double compared to that of USB 2 (800 Mbps versus just over 400 Mbps) before presenting his plans on the subject

Could Intel's decision to announce the plans for June so far in advance could indicate that an imminent announcement by the IEEE 1394 consortium is being feared in Santa Clara, where the company is based?

Recall that, theoretically, FireWire 2 should not be announced before June 25, when the FireWire Developer Conference is scheduled to be held on the Microsoft campus.

Not to exclude that Apple can anticipate the times and have some surprises in store even before that date, perhaps as early as next week, coinciding with the launch of the rack servers