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Apple no longer requires the percentage for some video streaming services

For the first time, Apple does not request its percentage on the sale and in-app purchases of video streaming content made via third-party software for iPhone, iPad or Apple TV: for the moment this only applies to Amazon Prime Video and some, few, others premium video on-demand services. But it represents an important evolution.

Recall that the Apple regulation on commissions that in fact cut the turnover of developers on subscriptions through the App Store from 15% to 30%, has led many third-party developers to eliminate the possibility of subscribing directly from the iPhone or iPad app. In other words, if you want to subscribe to Netflix, you cannot do it through the iOS app, but the registration will be done from the website. This also applies to many other services, not only for video streaming, but in general for any platform that provides a monthly subscription. The exception, however, represents from Amazon.

The e-shop giant, in fact, has reached an agreement with Apple that allows users to buy and rent movies on Prime Video directly from the iOS app and for Apple TV, using the Amazon payment system, not Apple's.

apple streaming percentage

In an official statement, Apple said it allowed it under an existing program, which allows premium subscription video entertainment providers to offer movies and TV shows using their payment systems, as Reuters points out. In the same declaration, the multinational of Cupertino specifies that this option is already used also by Altice One and Canal +.

This opening means that Apple renounces its percentage requested so far for in-app purchases for some important video streaming services, from which Netflix remains excluded for now. The same possibility does not extend to game developers who offer users in-app purchases or even to streaming music, on all Spotify that must continue to pay the percentage requested by Apple or, alternatively, offer more laborious and less direct purchases. via web page and then access via account to the app and its contents.

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It is possible that Apple has granted this opening in light of the antitrust investigations underway in Europe and also in the USA launched after the complaint by Spotify for anti-competitive practices. Perhaps it represents the first step towards a more substantial opening not only for other video streaming services, but also for in-app purchases of ebooks and competing streaming music subscriptions of Apple Music.

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