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Sony 2018 between technology and always innovative design

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Sony's 2018 begins with anything but moderate tones, as always with a careful focus on the TV and wireless audio market, with important product and technology news, waiting to see the surprises that will arrive in the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The TV market has been declining in the last three years, but 2018 will have a trend very similar to that of 2017 with therefore very low percentages.

Within the market, the share of the 55-59 crime scene is increasing significantly, and considering the cost, probably the most important range.

There is a marked growth, within the offer, of technologies such as 4K, now consolidated sector, but above all of OLED and HDR, so much so that today one 4K TV out of two at least HDR, while 3D and curved TVs seem to have disappeared from the offer, remember like a passing experiments.

Likewise, Sony's 2018 also offers juicy news in the audio market: if the headphone market continues to grow with small but decisive percentages, that of Bluetooth speakers impresses, with doubling of quantities in just four years, a sign that the trend of users to put the smartphone at the center and play a lot on accessories, more and more wireless, given that today the numbers speak for more than half of the models sold wirelessly.

Sony 2018 between silence and fantasy

In the audio sector, the new SP700 model enters, a very small Bluetooth headset, designed for the sports sector, which is the first so small with active noise cancellation system.

The battery life, of three hours, doubles with the case that acts as a portable recharge: all IPX4 for protection against splashes of rain and with an Ambient Sound Mode system to let pass some useful audio frequencies when walking.

Also new in the CH700, closed headphones with intelligent noise reduction system and 35 hours of battery life, or the CH500, cheaper and substantially the entry levels in the sector.

2018 from Sony

Again for sports, the new WI-SP600N, wireless in-ear headphones, designed for sports: digital noise cancellation, four colors and a system for continuous control of ambient sound for maximum safety.

For those who do not like in-ear headphones, here are the new WI-SP500, with a design that rests only on the ear, but able to always maintain the position even during intense sports sessions.

The new SRS-XB41 Bluetooth speakers, capable of playing even underwater and with LED lights and Live Sound modes, as well as the more contained SRS-XB31, bring light: in both cases it is possible to interact with the music by tapping the speaker sideways to simulate a drum.

Finally, Sony's exploration of the music for clubs continues with the new models MHC-V71D and MHC-V41D, capable of managing entire rooms, halls and large spaces alone or synchronized with other identical models to cover larger surfaces. Equipped with lights, important shapes and a slightly retro taste (although the look could not be more modern), they open up a niche market but still growing.

A better video but also safer

The first novelty of the new Sony TV line is just below the panel, and concerns the feet of the TVs, which have now been redesigned to offer a higher level of safety, because they are stable even when the panel vibrates (with increasing pollicciamento, the panels are increasingly subject to impact). In addition, the shape is also ideal for those who use a soundbar (Sony), since the shape now no longer prevents the right sense of the cables behind and the whole is more harmonious.

The new TV models show a new internal real-time image processing processor, which has allowed the brand to activate some new technologies.

Integrated audio, for example, which uses the flat screen to emphasize audio and a bass system that, positioned on the back, allows you to increase the three-dimensionality of sound inside a room. A software then allows you to customize the response based on the position of the TV and the shape of the room.

Also interesting is the Motionflow XR technology, which in the typical models allows to optimize the images by inserting additional frames, in real time, in order to help the brain to reconstruct the signal and better perceive the scene we are watching, in particular when there is an object in movement.

Finally, the three new models: lXF 85 (4K HDR, Android TV) offers a range that starts from 43 to 85, with intermediate cuts of 49/55/65/75.

LXF90 (4K HDR premium, Android TV and new X1 Extreme processor) starts from 49 through 55 and 65 up to 75 while the AF8 (OLED, 4K HDR, Android TV, Acustic surface) offered in 55 and 65 inches.

All models of TV, headphones and speakers are already present on the site and are available, or will arrive very quickly, in the main distribution chains, such as online.