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Rock Band coming to iPhone

Rock Band one of the most popular music applications on the latest generation consoles; just today Mashable! confirmed that the EA game will also be released soon on iPhone and iPod touch. From the operation similar to Tap Tap Revenge, the aim of the game is to follow the rhythm of a song via the touch screen, touching the screen at the right time and on the right point.

The funniest aspect of the game is to be able to play in multiplayer, each of them with a different instrument (guitar, bass, drums and vocals), thus composing a real band. The multiplayer game will be managed via Bluetooth and from the previews it looks very promising.

Finally, interesting news, the iPhone version will be compatible with the Facebook Connect platform; with this integration all social networking it will be possible to invite your friends to play directly from the iPhone.

For now, the launch date by EA of the game is not yet known, which will then be subject to approval by Apple. We only know that the software house has declared that the video game will be available "in the next few weeks".