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50 Mbps WiFi also for Mac

50 Mbps WiFi also for Mac – logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to some commentators, the moment is beginning when the prices of IEEE 802.11a devices will begin to fall in price. The prerequisites are being implemented these days with the proliferation of devices compatible with the new implementation of the standard used in Airport. Yesterday, in fact, the announcement that two major manufacturers of wireless systems, Proxim and Agere, have entered the 802.11a devices. The news is important because with the entry into the market of the new wireless system, which increases the range up to 100 meters and the available bandwidth up to five times that of the 802.11b version also used by Airport, there should be a popularization of the system and therefore also to lower costs. Of particular interest, in particular, the range of Proxim which announces the compatibility of its products also for Mac. Driver for Mac OS 9, according to the website, should be available starting from the end of the spring. Also interesting is the news that Proxim's systems have also been approved in many European countries, including Italy. The homologation in Europe of the standard is a significant novelty given that the diffusion in the old continent of 802.11a was sub judice for the particular and restrictive rules that regulate the use of devices on the 5 GHz band within the EU. a substantial fall in prices, however, points out someone, it will be necessary that the number of suppliers of the components also grow. At the moment there is only one company, Atheros Communications, to produce chips for IEEE 802.11a, which makes the market still quite in plaster. We remember that the devices that use IEEE 802.11a, also known as WiFi5, are not compatible with those that use WiFi traditional. For this reason it is very probable that Apple, when updating Airport, will be able to choose the 802.11g standard which has the advantage of using the same band as the current system. The first 802.11g devices could be marketed as early as next summer, making the new available WiFi for an Airport review in the context of New York's Macworld.

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