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The secrets of the Mobility Radeon 7500

The main novelty, after the processor, of the new Titanium is certainly the ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 video card.

The graphics chip used in laptops is currently the flagship product of the Canadian company. In fact, it would exist used by most of the more modern high-end laptops. In reality there would also be the Fire GL 7800, which has superior performance, but its recent debut and at the moment the vast majority of the most modern and high-end laptops use the Radeon 7500, a choice that is not surprising given its performance that the currently make it unapproachable from the competition.

The data of some tests carried out by specialized sites, in fact, show that its speed against the GeForce 2Go, depending on the conditions, from almost double (on the highest resolutions) to at least 50% higher with peaks than in particular tasks , they reach a + 256% compared to the Nvidia product. Really not bad if we consider that the Radeon Mobility used in the previous series of Titanium in numerous tests was beaten by GeForce, faster than 20 and even 30%.

The data indicating the 7500 as one of the most interesting products in the graphic field are also confirmed in the DVD decoding, one of the most "popular" by Titanium users. Here too the Radeon outperforms the Nvidia compared to which it also takes a good revenge in terms of consumption, another fundamental factor for those who use laptops.

To decrease the incidence of the graphics chip in battery consumption, ATI introduced Powerplay technology with Mobility Radeon, in fact a "dynamic" system for managing consumption. In practice, the processor "turns off" unused portions of its engine, for example not using 3D when you are simply managing the desktop. In addition, Powerplay is also able to assign certain tasks to the CPU in specific situations, such as in DVD playback and to scale the clock speed and consumption according to the graphic intensity of the applications. It is even able to change the refresh time to increase battery life.

Powerplay intelligence can be managed, according to the technical documentation provided by ATI, directly by the OEM that adopts the processor. Apple could therefore have made more or less drastic choices in the implementation of the chip and its consumption saving system. According to preliminary tests carried out last fall, when the Radeon 7500 had just been released, they showed that on some laptop PCs the battery life in DVD playback could be increased by up to half an hour.

Among the other features, in addition to the support of the Charisma Engine, Pixel Tapestry, Hyper Z Hydravision technologies, at the moment the only graphics card for laptops to be able to communicate with 128-bit DDR memories, which provides it with an important advantage in made of band available in the field of laptops.

Note, finally, that it has 32 MB of Ram, which allows you to increase the graphics resolution up to 1280 × 960

In short, if these data that we collected on the Internet in reference to the PC world and from official documents released by ATI itself will also be confirmed in the Mac world, it must be said that the adoption of the new card appears as one of the winning elements of the new laptop.