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Zero rate for everyone on laptops

Zero rate for everyone on laptops – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple's promotions for zero-rate loans, launched for the consumer market, also extend to the professional market, for a few days, in fact, Apple has also offered VAT holders the possibility to purchase PowerBook and iBook in installments and at zero rate. The formula is that of zero-rate leasing with installments of up to 30 months.The initiative, which can be activated by downloading a special cupon downloadable from the Apple Italy pages, valid until May 31 for amounts greater than 2,500 euros. machines you buy software and the APP guarantee, Apple Protection Plan, you can also obtain installments for this type of products.We remind you that instead the offer for the consumer world to access a loan for 10 months at zero rate, always on iBook laptops and Titanium. For details, visit the "Promotions in bloom" page on the Apple website

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iPad Pro 2020 available for order on Amazon: arriving Wednesday March 25th

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